Greetings, Reader!

Hello! I’m Chris; a doctor and (very) novice board game designer. Welcome to A Brain Full of Porridge; a blog created to document the challenges and (hopefully) triumphs of designing a tabletop game with my friend, Salma.

Our game; Lurgy!

In our job there is almost no scope for creativity (unless you’re really into proformas) , and for people with lots of ideas, it can feel a bit like wading through mind treacle; hence the name of this blog.

In a bid to blow off the mental cobwebs, we’ll be exploring our inspirations, sharing the inevitable challenges of our journey and paying homage to those who have helped us along the way.

If you’re into tabletop games too, we’d be hugely grateful to hear your thoughts and advice. Perhaps you’re a designer with a top tip or indispensable resource, or maybe you’ve always wanted to design a game but have just never made the jump from idea to reality; either way, it would be fantastic to have you along for the ride!

Go on; you know you want to!

We’ll be linking to design tools, prototype tips, gaming podcasts, YouTube channels, Instagram feeds and anything else we find useful along the way. We would also love to involve the readers of this blog in the design of Lurgy! and will be asking for your suggestions and feedback as the game evolves.

Between now and our next post, we’ll be hunting for more tabletop blogs to read.

Do you have any recommendations of essential reading or hidden gems that shouldn’t be missed? Let us know in the comments below! You can also email us at

Until next time!

C + S


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