What’s in a Name?

And so, we had arrived at the point where we had a vague concept for the game and needed to call it something. At the very beginning, our game was known as ‘Achoo!’; this conveyed the idea that it might be about illness, but felt a bit on the childish side.


It was then I remembered the phrase ‘the dreaded lurgy’; a British way of describing having a cold. The game was therefore ‘The Dreaded Lurgy’ for a while, and though it satisfied the ‘rule of three’ (the principle that a trio of 3 characters, words or events is more memorable than other numbers), it felt a bit clunky.

I was looking in my game cupboard at home for inspiration and noticed that many tabletop games have single- or two-word monikers; a quick look at the current Board Game Geek top 100 (https://boardgamegeek.com/browse/boardgame) also supports this.

With this in mind, we cut the name down to ‘Lurgy’ and added the exclamation mark to make it pop. As for what it actually means; Google defines it as:

We thought this described the concept perfectly, and it’s been ‘Lurgy!’ ever since.

What’s your favourite game name? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time!

C + S


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