Lurgy! Spreads to Australia

Happily for her, but sadly for the UK, Salma (the other half of the Lurgy! design team) is off to work in Australia for a year… As I write this she’s jetting off to sunnier climes and I truly hope she has an amazing time; the Australian healthcare system is very lucky to have her.

Bye bye for now, Salma!

This does, however, throw up some logistical challenges as we move forward with the design of the game. She’s 10,500 miles (16,900 km) away and in different time zone (9 hours ahead of the UK), but we have a cunning plan! Thanks to t’internet, the distance issue is less of a problem; Component Studio, the web-based program that we’re using to design the game, generates print and play prototypes which Salma will be able to print in Oz.

From a time zone perspective, the difference isn’t too bad; it’ll be 18:30 in Melbourne when it’s 09:30 in Nottingham, and on days off that sounds like the perfect time for a Skype-based playtest. A quick Googling confirms that there are lots of board game establishments in Melbourne where we can try out Lurgy! on our Australian cousins:

I wish Salma the very best down under and look forward to hearing about her adventures over the next year. If you live in Melbourne, look out for Lurgy! at a board game event near you.

Have you faced any logistical challenges designing your games? If so, let us know what they were and how you got around them!

Until next time,



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